It has been a long year getting here. The young ladies of this team are amongst the privileged of some 200 athletes who were able to attend training in China for five months, thanks to the collaboration of Vanuatu and Chinese governments.

It has been an eye-opener experience for many where they would be away from their families for so long in a foreign country and now realize that it is one that is worth the while given their goal to win a medal at the upcoming games. The five months have been packed with toil and sweat to ensure this goal.

Returning to the country just over two months ago, it has not been an easy task to keep the girls together, move to and fro for trainings and camps as stated by Assistant Coach Joella Avock. They are one of the biggest contingencies in the games and the logistics are a challenge.

Other hindrances included negative reviews on social media prior to their return to Vanuatu. Minor difficulties include resignation of previous team manager earlier this month and lack of funds to support the current camp.

Now that the countdown has been reduced from months to days, anticipation is mounting and though there are nerves, there is much eagerness to step out and represent Vanuatu with much pride.

As a unit, the young ladies would like to thank their parents, families and friends for their support and never ending love. This is a vital element of their beings and they are very grateful.

They learnt at the Team Vanuatu Bonding Session in the weekend that spectators at the games will see ten percent of their performance and that ninety percent of the performance comes from the people and the environment around them leading up to the games.

The team would like to thank Ministry of Climate Change, as responsible Ministry for Women’s Football as part of the Ambassador Program to support Team Vanuatu, for offering transportation to move the team to friendly games and events on Saturdays. READ MORE