Mental Health Awareness Celebrations: October 24th — 28th


2016 Theme

This year the Ministry of Health is encouraging everyone to take part in the national celebration of Mental Health Day by asking one simple question: olsem wanem?

These simple words can make a big difference to someone experiencing distress and may open the door for discussions and support. Recognising that mental health is everyone’s business; a simple conversation with a friend or family member recognises the different ways in which people experience and respond to stressors and offers an essential social support to those who may otherwise be suffering in silence.


A week of celebrations will be taking place from October 24 – 28 to mark World Mental Health Day 2016. This will include booth set up at Centre Point, USP and VCH throughout the week; ongoing school awareness programs and culminate in a national celebration at Fresh Wota field on Thursday 27th. More details on these events will be published closer to the day.

Five Ways to Stay Mentally Healthy

1. Spend time with others

2. Take part in regular physical activity

3. Focus on things happening now — try not to dwell on the

past or think too much about the future

4. Continue to learn new things

5. Be involved in positive activities within your family,

friendship groups or wider community

Speaking with someone you trust when you’re feeling stressed or uncertain is essential in ensuring good mental health.

If further professional support is required, confidential and personalised mental health services can be accessed in all provinces through linking with the below connections:

Vila Central Hospital MindCare Unit

T: 22100 V: 1972