The husband of a foreign woman living in Port Vila has shared dissatisfaction on an incident where a bus driver verbally harassed his wife.

The woman was a foreigner married to a Ni-Vanuatu man and they are both living and working in Port Vila.

The incident happened yesterday midday when the woman boarded the bus at the Chinese club and asked to go to Beverly Hills where she and her husband reside.

The husband told the Daily Post that the driver first drove to Bladinier to drop a passenger instead of going to Beverly Hills then he (the driver) drove back to town telling the woman that she had to refill his bus.

“Down at the refill station he started verbally harassing my wife asking all sorts of unnecessary questions and even offered to buy her lunch.

“His actions scared my wife since she is the only passenger with him in the bus.

“To me that is very stupid because all drivers should show respect to their customers,” the angry husband said.

The wife of the ni-Vanuatu is not new in Vanuatu as she had lived in Port Vila for more than 12 months now.

The husband said his wife told him the bus driver looks to be in his mid-20s.

He said the bus driver even asked for her phone number although she refused and ignored to speak to him and that was when she jumped off the bus and got another bus home. READ MORE