Speaker Shadrack (r) and a representative of National Youth Council (c) handing certificate to a female Youth MP last week.

The successful outcome of the Youth Parliament has resulted in political leaders asking the Youth Members of Parliament to join political parties.

Together, the Speaker of Parliament, Gracia Shadrack, Deputy Prime Minister Ishmael Kalsakau and the Leader of Opposition Ralph Regenvanu stressed how the Youth MPs were matured in political discussions during the 1-day session on July 29.

They encouraged them pick which political party that suits them and start to work to become a real elected MP one day.

The youth parliamentary session last week showed how the 52 Youth MPs studied their bills, the presentation by the government side and how both houses debated them for the good of the nation.

“During the 1-day session, youth MPs have shown the maturity of this country while presenting themselves inside parliament and it clearly shows what this parliament will be like in the future with educated elected representatives,” Speaker Shadrack stated during the closing of the parliament exhibition and the youth parliamentary on July 29.

The Speaker Shadrack said he is very happy to see gender equality reflected in the youth session as well.

It was a very emotional moment for the relatives and parents of the youth parliamentarians last week when crowds fully packed the parliament house while others watched the live streaming of the event.

Speaker Shadrack has declared that the event will become an annual event for parliament.

The program is funded by the Governments of Vanuatu, Japan, New Zealand and the United Nations Development Programme.