The Sista Team and the Single Mama forum participants

With the support of PPAC through RRRT SPC, Sista has been reviewing the Maintenance of Children Act by conducting interviews with key stakeholders and single mothers to determine if the manner of proceedings and enforcement of maintenance orders is relevant and if the sum of 1000 VT a week reflects today’s standard of living.
On Wednesday 26th June, we held a ‘Single Mama Storian’ forum at VSPD to verify our research and to hear the challenges that single mothers face and identify solutions together. Our aim is to address the lack of support for single-household families and advocate to duty bearers to review the Maintenance of Children Act. We want to thank the mamas who came and shared their experiences and to the Vanuatu Law Reform Commission and key partners for your solidarity in this project.
This is just the beginning of the journey to address the needs of single mothers and their children, tank yu tumas bak agen RRRT SPC blong bigfala sapot!
‘She has to have four arms, four legs, four ears, four eyes and two hears. Plus double the time, double the patience and double the love. Trust me, there is nothing ‘SINGLE’ about a single mum.’