A man has been given 14-years and six months to be served behind bars after he pleaded guilty to three counts of sexual intercourse without consent.

This sentence reflects changes that took place earlier this year when Justice Minister Ronald Warsal lifted the penalties of the crimes that mainly deals with morality — that involved sexual related offences as outlined in the Penal Code Act [CAP 135].

Wycliff Boesel from Maewo was giving money to his victim to cover up his offending and the matter only came to light when the woman got pregnant as a result of the unprotected sexual encounters.

Justice James Paul Geoghegan said that Boesel pleaded guilty on the third day of the trial when the victim went through the ordeal and recounted the moments she was facing until she got pregnant.

Mr Justice Geoghegan said that Boesel changed his plea from not guilty to guilty plea in the middle of the trial.

The victim went to live with Boesel and his wife after her father died in 2014. She was offered a position of housemaid.

The Court stated that at the time the victim was vulnerable and needed to support her children and looked to Boesel and his wife as her parents.

Justice Geoghegan said that the offence happened in February, March and April 2015 when Boesel knew that the victim was alone at home and told the court that she didn’t want that to happen but was powerless to resist him.

The Court found that Boesel significantly abused the position of trust that he occupied and when he found that the victim was pregnant, he encouraged the victim to have an abortion mixing traditional herbs with lemon juice and asked her to drink but this failed and their child was born in December 2015. READ MORE