Advocates for Women in Parliament (AWP) is calling on female candidates and voters to keep uplifting the women’s mandate during this year’s general election.

The women’s mandate is: ‘Vote Women to Balance Gender Equality in Vanuatu Parliament and Change the Human Face to a Male Dominated Legislature.’

Last weekend, 11 names of female candidates were read out during a thanksgiving fellowship organized by the Vanuatu Civil Society Influencing Network and Advocates for Women in Parliament.

During the fellowship gathering, AWP reminded everyone to continue to advocate for all women candidates, whether they are contesting as independent or affiliated to political parties.

Furthermore, AWP encouraged the female candidates to always be confident, vigilant and responsible in their leadership for change.

AWP said the Government must be held accountable for refusing to complete the implementation of its own 2012 policy on women’s leadership in decision making in provincial councils and the national parliament.