Sista is delighted to announce that application are open for single mothers to participate in the ‘Strong Mama’ program, funded by the FRIDA fund. The objective of these workshops is for single mothers to be able to form genuine connections with each other, understand their rights, increase self-awareness, develop tools to promote positive behaviour, use arts to express themselves, to make a call for action and so much more!

 Deadline for applications are Thursday 4th March 2021.

Sista hemi wan Charitabol Organisasen we hemi usem arts, media, moa komunikesen blong infomem, empowerem mo advoket long ol issues we e stap affectem ol woman blong yumi.

Mifala e glad blong holem Strong Mama, wan sot program we Frida Fund hemi fundem blong 10 single mama we bae e stat long Maj.

Long wokshop ia bambae yu kat opotuniti blong serem ol storian blong yu, ol jalenj mo tu ol joe we yu fesem olsem wan single mama.

Sapos yu wan woman we yu wantem blong mekem oli harem voes blong yu, blong tokbaot ol issue we yu stap fesem olsem wan single mama?

Bambae yumi singaot from Jenis mo aksen tru long wan pis wok blong art blong yu we bambae yu displeim long ol wokshop ia.

Sapos yu wantem blong tekem pat long Strong Mama program ia, yu klik long link ia we i stap long ol comen blong aplae.

Bigfala tank yu e stap go long FRIDA FUND blong fundem program.

To apply, fill out this form

For more information, email or call +678 7643141.