Mr Jack and Mes Mary Kalsrap, Mamma’s Laef Vanuatu representatives. (supplied)

With the government’s plastic ban policy coming into effect, few local businesses have decided to dwell on effective approaches into meeting the government’s policy effectively.

This week, the Vanuatu Department of Industry’s Director, Jimmy Rantes, publicly released the report “Introducing Modern Reusable Nappies in Vanuatu, a Trial Study” with Mamma’s Laef Vanuatu.

Belinda Roselli, Mamma’s Laef Charitable Trust (NZ), Co-Founder said that they are really happy on the positive feedbacks from the participants and are looking forward to the future.

Ms Roseli said that their next step is to continue with production and look at the ways to scale up production to meet demand.

Regarding benefits towards the community, she said that there are several ways these products support communities.

“Firstly, the parents that are using the products will save money, as they are not having to buy disposables every day.

“When one child outgrows the nappy, the next baby in the family can use the products.

“Secondly, there is no single use plastic waste to get rid of.

“Thirdly, the economic benefits of ni Vanuatu being employed to produce and distribute the reusable baby nappies.

“Our team are all developing skills as we produce new products. It is Yumi 40 now and we must find our own solutions to problems – and that is what we are doing at Mamma’s Laef,” said Ms Roseli.

She further stated that Vanuatu is just taking the lead in the whole disposable process within the region.

“There has already been a great deal of interest within the Pacific but also further afield as to what we are doing in Vanuatu.

“The eyes of the world are on us, as Vanuatu makes the bold move towards banning the disposable diaper.

“If Vanuatu can do it, then other countries will follow.

“We know there are other Pacific countries who want to.

“We are leading the way and show others how it can be done.

“We must take a holistic approach – look at the needs of families, the environment and our economy. It’s a win-win.

“We know that there are challenges for some parts of our communities to consider using reusable baby nappies. However, we know that with education and supports, Vanuatu can make a huge difference to our environment by using less single use plastics.”

She said that they are pleased to hear there maybe supports for Mamma’s Laef from the Department of Industry Vanuatu, so that Mary and Jack Kalsrap can grow the social enterprise and increase the amount of positive impact in Vanuatu.

This is the first time that market research about modern reusable nappies versus single-use disposable diapers has been undertaken in Vanuatu, and the results are very encouraging for Mamma’s Laef Vanuatu as well as supporters of the Government’s proposed ban on disposable diapers.

Ms Mary and Mr Jack Kalsrap are the owners of Mamma’s Laef Vanuatu.

Ms Belinda Roseli is based and runs the Charitable Trust from New Zealand with a goal to fully support Mamma’s Laef to the stage that they become completely independent of the Trust.

She said that the local business couple have come a long way during the past 5 years.