Volleyball is for everybody! Sport is a fun way for women and men, girls and boys, older people and younger people, and people with all types of abilities and disabilities to be healthier.

That’s why CARE in Vanuatu is working with Volley4Change to help more people in Santo and Efate join in and play volleyball.

This week, CARE and the Vanuatu Paralympic Committee have been working with the team at Vanuatu Beach Volleyball to train the trainers to use volleyball to help women and people with a disability build confidence and develop leadership skills.

Community leaders and partners of the women who will play volleyball through the program will also get the chance to be involved in Volley4Change.

“Volley4Change will help to promote volleyball in our community. The training this week has helped me learn to facilitate better, know more about gender roles and power in my community, help me understand some barriers to help women with disabilities in the community and also help them to play sport,” says Veronique David, Media and Communication Officer at Vanuatu Volleyball Federation, who took part in the training for trainers.