PacNOG training in session at USP Emalus conference room


Females are encouraged to engage themselves in Information and Communications Technology (ICT), said Chief Information Officer (CIO) of the Office of Government Chief Information Office (OGCIO), Gerard Metsan.

Mr. Metsan emphasised this yesterday during the opening of Pacific Network Operators Group (PacNOG) training, after noting that there were more male attendees than females- less than 10 to be exact.

“It’s true that ICT tends to be a male dedicated industry, but that doesn’t mean that that should be the case,” he said.

“Lately, more and more females are enrolling themselves into ICT globally. And us in Vanuatu, we must do the same,” he added.

According to Mr. Metsan, the trainers will be delivering technical key trainings especially on how to secure a network on a proper standard basis.

“These sort of trainings is very expensive to go study it abroad…the trainers who are conducting this workshop are willing to share their knowledge with us, therefore more ITs are encouraged to attend, also because it is free,” he said.

He stated that although there is a handful of ITs in the country, majority of them have limited knowledge in terms of Cyber Security and Internet Protocol address (IP) Networking.

“We need more technical people to set up advanced networks in the country, and to run an advanced telecommunication network,” Mr. Metsan stressed.

“The public needs to be made aware that the trainers in this workshop will deliver the best practical knowledge ICT wise in regards to the current state and evolution of ICT globally…ICT changes every minute every seconds, what they have delivered ten years ago is obsolete, so we must keep up to date at all times with ICT.”

PacNOG is an annual event that was first established in 2004 as a mailing list for Internet Service Provider (ISP) operations engineers in the Pacific region, who participated in the ISP Routing Workshop held in Fiji in August 2004.

This is the 31st year since the training has started, and this is its third time it is hosted by the Vanuatu government through OGCIO, with support from USP Emalus Campus, Governance for Growth (GfG), Vodafone, Digicel and TRBR.

The supporting partners extend to regional institutions such as the Pacific Islands Telecommunication Association (PITA), Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC), Network Start-up Resource Centre (NSRC) and the Internet Corporation on Names and Numbers (ICANN).

There are more than 70 registered participants from countries all over the Pacific currently attending the training, which began yesterday.