In July 2014, Ona and Arthur Filloy, with the help of Simix Simeon, the leader of the Mataso village artists group, turned their rented cottage in Port Vila, Vanuatu into a productive workshop creating a wonderful new collection of prints.

Stanley Firiam

AWIS (A wish) by Stanley Firiam 2014

After a month of laughter and lots of hard work, they returned to Brisbane, Australia with over 100 pieces of art. These prints are a charming and colourful window into the world of these Melanesian people.

David Kolin

BAMKIN (Pumpkin) by David Kolin

The work is by seven artists – Simix Simeon, Apia Willie, David Kolin, Herveline Lite, Patrick Tomas, Sepa Seule and Stanley Firiam, all of whom are part of Vanuatu’s post-independence generation.

 Herveline Lite

LA LUNE by Herveline Lite 2014

Much of the work is based on the belief system of their island culture, often referencing customary indigenous sand drawing, while contemporary influences, such as advertising and popular culture are also clearly evident.

Sepa Seule

POPO (Pawpaw) – Sepa Seule

Ona and Arthur’s mission is to bring Mataso art to the world, to eventually establish a permanent workshop in Vanuatu to further develop their skills and sell their art. This would enable the artists to gain an ongoing income to benefit themselves and the Mataso community as a whole.

If you would like to purchase a painting, please visit their website and follow their Facebook page. 

Prints are now being sold at Pandanus in Port Vila’s main street as well. 

Some more artwork


Patrick Tomas

NOKIA SMILE by Patrick Tomas 2014

Simix Simeon

NGOHU NIKE (Fish trap) by Simix Simeon 2014

David Kolin

AELAN BLONG MATASO (Mataso Island) by David Kolin 2014