DIY earring holders are easy to make and great to look at. If you’ve got a spare hour, all you need is wood glue, mosquito screen (or some kind of  screen) and wooden planks.

The materials can be bought at Mok Store or Wilco Hardware for under 1500vt. You can make at least two earring holders, so why not make one for you and one for your best friend? It’s a thoughtful and affordable gift that’s perfect for storing and flaunting your earrings.


Step One

Cut the screen to desired length and width.

Step Two

Cut wooden planks with a small saw. You will need to ensure that your wooden planks are flat on one side so that you can glue them together easily.

Step Three

Glue edges of screen to the flat side of the wood.

Step Four

Let it dry, and then glue the other wooden plank on other side to keep the net stuck together.

Step Five

Decorate as you please. We used wool, but you can also glue jewels or shells.