Elie Enock, a dedicated PALM scheme worker and accomplished Paralympian, is setting aside her responsibilities in Stawell to represent Vanuatu in the women’s shot put secured throw at the Pacific Games in the Solomon Islands.

Enock, who is no stranger to overcoming challenges, is not just aiming for personal victory but also hoping to bring pride and joy to the people of Vanuatu who have faced a challenging year marked by severe weather events.

Before boarding her flight from Melbourne, a determined Elie expressed her heartfelt dedication to the resilient people of Vanuatu.

“Vanuatu has had a challenging past year after enduring a series of harsh weather events, so I hope that my performance at the games will lift everyone’s spirits back home,” she said.

This dual role as a dedicated worker and a seasoned athlete highlights Enock’s commitment not only to personal success but also to serving her community in multiple capacities. Her decision to participate in the Pacific Games is a source of inspiration, showcasing the potential for individuals to contribute to both their local and global communities.

As Enock takes on competitors from around the Pacific, she carries not just the weight of the shot put but the hopes and dreams of the resilient people of Vanuatu. Her journey is a reminder that sports have the power to transcend borders and adversities, bringing people together in celebration human spirit and achievement.