facebook-admins-urged- to-curb-swearing-and-threats

All public Facebook page and group administrators in Vanuatu are urged to moderate their own pages and groups in order to control swearing and threatening language.

President of the Social Media Association (SMA) of Vanuatu, Mr. Witnol Benkor Tor, made this call after the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), through its Public Relations Officer (PRO), Hilaire Bule, voiced the government’s concern over rising offensive content on social media.

Mr. Bule said that as the country is heading towards the National Referendum, the PMO is appealing to the SMA, especially to the administrators and moderators, to control the information posted on their pages and groups. He mentioned that some citizens even swore and threatened other people.

“We are appealing to them to do their job properly and for citizens not to abuse their freedom of expression. Some people have gone too far; they swear and discuss the personal lives of others,” the PRO said.

However, Mr. Tor stated that the admins who are under the SMA are well coordinated.

“We moderate our groups and filter them to ensure there is no swearing or threatening so that we have good, healthy discussions,” he said.

“Every group under the association receives messages for filtering and moderating posts and comments.

“I’m making a call to all admins to moderate all pages and groups, filter out swearing and threatening language. We’re asking creators of new pages or groups that want to be part of the association to come forward. We will also help in capacity building for each admin.”

It was also reported that some Facebook groups in Vanuatu have no admins and moderators, which makes it difficult to control what is posted and commented, and these are the ones with more abusive content.