‘No Ronwe Lo Luv’, a short
film that has been recently launched aims to give young girls a chance to explore their lives, competence and confidence to survive.

The film is produced by the Wan SmolBag Youth Centre and sponsored by CARE, an international humanitarian agency fighting poverty and creating opportunities for young people to change lives for better and coincides with the new WSB youth drama play “Hapi Eva Afta?

When introducing the film to its first audience, a female actor of the WSB explained how teenage pregnancy can change the lives of girls forever, for example reducing opportunities to education and employment.

”A lot of girls never think though how pregnancy could affect their lives,” she said.

”For many that it is the end of their lives when they get pregnant and that they are supposed to stay back home and help with daily house duties.”

The film highlighted common problems every girls face while dating and gives a direction on how they should respond when issues arise.

Failure in love affairs left girls feeling dreaded having to face their mothers or parents every day. READ MORE