We’re halfway through 2023! And this month, we’re celebrating the very talented Georgina Ishmael!

If energy were a person, it would be Georgina. Originally from the island of Malekula she has tied the knot and is now a proud #WomanNguna. Vibrant, humorous, and charismatic, this dynamo girl proves that you can have it all as a business owner, a freelance photographer, a wife and a mother who still makes time for the things and people she loves.

She lives by the quote, “I shine from within so no one can dim my light”, to remind her of the power she holds to her own happiness and strength to achieve goals and overcome challenges.

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Georgina Ishmael – but everyone calls me Gina



29 years old


Where are you from?

My mum is from Pentecost and my dad is from Malekula but I am now married to my husband who’s from Nugna. So, I guess – in true Vanuatu fashion – I am now from Nugna.




Tell us about your family

My parents have two daughters, my little sister who is 8 years old and I. But I now have my own little family which consists of my lovely husband, Kalo Ishmael, and my beautiful daughter, who is my pride and joy, Trevina Ishmael.




What do you like to do in your spare time? Any hobbies?

I don’t really have any spare time. Working as a free lancer, while juggling family and mum duties can be challenging. So, I spend my free time with my daughter and my family. Most days I’m out working and there are days where I come home late so I spend most, if not all, of my free time with Trevina. I also try and make sure I rest too.


My hobbies include supporting my mum with her fabric business – it’s fun and a way for me to relax – watching movies and of course, netball! For those of you who know, I have been playing netball for a long time. I am currently part of the Impulse Services LTD netball club and I enjoy every bit of it – a big shout out to my team because so far we have won all our games!


What do you study? Do you work?

I was enrolled at the University of the South Pacific a few years ago but then dropped out because they didn’t offer any courses around photography and filming. This then led me into my free lancing journey. I used to work for NGO’s and other media companies as a photographer however, I decided to leave to start my own business which is, Starlight Photography.



What do you aspire to do in the future?

I want to branch out my business ideas. I have so many business ideas, for example I want to help start up a barber business with my husband. I basically want to start up other businesses that aren’t focused on my free lancing skills.


What is a quote you live by?

“I shine from within so no one can dim my light” – this quote has always encouraged and reminded me that I am the key to my own happiness. I know that anything I set my mind to, whether they’re personal/professional goals, or even challenges, I’ll be able to meet or overcome them.




How would you describe your style?

Casual and comfy. What I wear depends on how I feel and what feels comfortable. I will only dress up for an event but again it’s, strictly comfortable. I don’t wear anything that makes me feel uncomfortable or anything that doesn’t make me feel like me.

Why do you like fashion?

I’m not a big fashionista but I like fashion because it allows people to wear what they like and wear what they feel good in. And so for me, fashion is comfort.



Who influences your style?

Anyone, on social media or even on the streets of Port Vila, who wears an outfit that I can see myself in. I also think my husband has a big influence on my style, which may sound weird to some people, but before I leave the house I always ask him if I look good in my outfit or if the colours match, or if the trousers I’m wearing go with the blouse, etc. So shout out to Kalo for always giving me honest feedback with my outfits.


What beauty products do you use?

I’m a big fan of the Eau d’iles line, specifically the Lei Malo scent. I use their body oil and perfume.


Any fashion tips?

Wear what makes you feel comfortable. Don’t wear something because someone told you to, you should wear something that makes you feel comfy and confident.



What does being a strong woman mean to you?

Being a strong woman means chasing what you want in life while also being unapologetically yourself. A strong woman is independent but knows when they need to ask for help and is powerful yet kind. A strong woman values themselves and their privacy but knows when to open up about their feelings in order to find support.


What is one thing you wish you could tell your younger self?

Don’t worry about your future, what your heart longs for will definitely come. Enjoy every moment because another moment on earth is not guaranteed. Use the tools, skills and God given talent, to capture every moment you have with your loved ones because you will lose them along the way and the only thing you’ll have is those memories.



What is your greatest accomplishment?

Being a mother to my daughter and being a wife to my husband. This is truly one of my greatest accomplishments. I feel so fortunate to have an awesome husband who supports me to do what I love, who stands beside me, encourages me, and is always on my cheer team – thank you!

My second greatest accomplishment is using what I love, my talent and skills and making a living out of it. And overall, believing in myself.




Photographer: Nya Films

Nails: Mesika’s Beauty

Assistants: Sharon Nicholls & Josepheen Tarianga

Location: Korman area


This article was originally published in the June,2023 edition of the Vanuatu Daily Post’s Life and Style magazine.

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