Sista and CARE in Vanuatu representatives celebrate the launch of materials with GO! participants.
CARE in Vanuatu

Today, April 28, is International Girls in ICT Day 2022 and a group of young women in Vanuatu, who have become role models in their commitment to cybersafety, demonstrate this year’s theme, Safety and Access.

As part of ABC International Development’s GO! project the women came together to produce media that shines a spotlight on cyber safety, to demonstrate that cyber threats are a common issue for young people in Vanuatu and that there are ways to resolve these situations.

The women focused on image-based abuse, cyberbullying and a lack of online protection and have brought together community organisations and government services to promote safety and access. Through a process of co-design, the young women in Vanuatu identified threats and barriers to their digital safety and access and developed the solutions that they wanted but were not available. With the support of the ABC and GO! in-country partners, CARE in Vanuatu and Sista, the young women were able to bring their ideas to life.

They drove the design of a cyber safety booklet and wrote scripts for three videos, which they then helped to produce, with the help of another non-government organisation Wan Smol Bag. Each video tackled an issue they had identified for community discussion (image-based abuse, cyberbullying, and lack of online protection).

Watch the cyberbullying video ‘No spoelem naraman onlaen’ below and check out the full playlist here!

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