The 4th cycle of the Young Women’s Leadership Program has been carried out in only two places in Vanuatu Efate and Tafea province. Therefore, participants from these areas have traveled to Port Vila to attend the graduation event. However, there are few activities that took place prior to graduation day. The YWLP participants have been able to have an event learn day in which they visited Mama’s life at Pango, Balance of Power in town, Youth Challenge at Nambatu area and Wan smolbag theatre at Tagabe area. The purpose of the field trip is to know and understand what these organisations are doing and how they have structured their work system. The girls have captured a lot of new things in this event. After the event, they have the closed forum which is a time when the full program has been reviewed and recommendations were made to strengthen the program in the next cycle. They also have an open forum that mainly include women in business and leadership levels to talk about the challenges that women faced during covid19 and as well touch base on women in business. We have two Sista staff, Rosina Kaimbang and Sharon Nicolls who have assisted the GET team in these activities and also the preparation of the graduation. There are 49 graduates altogether. Parents and friends from different places in Port Vila have attended the graduation with so much pride for their daughters or girls. It is a day that everyone has looked forward to. We have the Sista Program and Finance Manager, Irene Abbock who represents the Sista Executive Director Yasmine  Bjornum as a speaker to deliver a speech on that special event.