Ready, set, go! We are back in the office and are already diving into planning and prepping for the year. The team is happy to be back and are ready for 2022! Our Finance department has been lacking a Senior Finance & Administration Officer so we have begun our recruitment process. We also have a Team Building & Communications Strategist Consultant Katherine Bowden come in to support the communications & projects team for the next two months.

We are so excited for what this year has in store for us and look forward to doing what we do – Informing, empowering and advocating for the women and girls of Vanuatu!


Sista Gat Style


We began this new year by featuring in the January edition of our ‘Sista Gat Style’ – Life & Style magazine in partnership ‘Vanuatu Daily Post’ with a strong and driven young woman – Steffalyne Tasso.  A young woman working in the male dominated world of construction and carpentry. Driven by her desire to give back to her parents for their support and unconditional love, Steffalyne aspires to one day open her own construction business. Employed by Icon & Reeves, Steffalyne has certificate II from VIT and a certificate III from APTC in carpentry and has plans to go for her fourth.

Yu taf bitim taf Steffalyne!

Planning and Preparation

‘Sista Gat Style’ planning

Keep a close eye on ‘Sista Gat Style’ this year because we are moving it up a notch! To give you a little hint of what’s to come; we will now be featuring local designers you may not have herd of by showcasing one to two pieces that will be worn by the featured model of the month. Why? To continue to empower women & girls through fashion, to encourage us to express ourselves how we truly want to, all whilst building the capacity of our very talented fashion industry by unveiling hidden talents you may not know of!


GET Evaluation workshop

On Tuesday 25th, our Executive Director (ED) attended a sense making workshop with CARE, where consultants who have been conducting a formative evaluation on the Gender Equality Team (GET) project presented emerging findings and recommendations to date for validation.

The purpose of the Evaluation is to reflect on how the GET project has achieved progress against its outcomes, and to formulate recommendations for ongoing programming to contribute to strengthening women’s leadership and gender equality in Vanuatu. It is anticipated that the next design will primarily focus on an evolution of the Young Women’s Leadership program.


Monthly We Rise Coalition meeting

Our ED, Finance & Program Manager and Projects Team leader attended the monthly We Rise Coalition zoom meetings. The main topic discussed was the upcoming 3 day retreat we will be participating in February, a retreat where all members of the coalition come together to strengthen their goals, outcomes and values into giving ourselves the best tools at hand to strive towards balanced society for all women & girl across the pacific.


Go! Cyber workshop


On the 21st of January our ED, Project Officer and Communications, Advocacy & Events Officer attended and facilitated a small workshop for the Girls online! Cyber safety participants.

The objective was to show the girls the product of their hard work on the GO! Cyber based on:

  • Image Based Abuse
  • Lack of online protection
  • Cyber Bullying

From deciding on doing a series of videos and a booklet to writing the script for the videos and much more!

Stay tuned for the upcoming launch of GO! Cyber in February where we will be releasing the three (3) final short videos and official Cyber safety launch! Keep an eye out for Sista officers who have hidden acting talents!




Sista Team Refresher workshop


On January 17th, our ED did a refresher workshop with the team in the office. We went through our code of conduct and also our workplan.

After that our Finance & Program Manager led us on a training on finance purchasing processes which Included:

  • How to request for petty cash for monthly office petty cash
  • Project activities petty cash request
  • Suppliers purchase orders for the purpose of purchasing stationaries and office equipment.

All staff member are now able to do their part in the finance department.


Redesigning the Sista website

Sista has decided to make our website more modern and readable, so we have Team Building & Communications Strategist Consultant, Katherine Bowden. She joined us on the 25th of January and will be with us until March helping us with the website as well as other areas.


Sista Board Meeting

On the 19th of January, Sista held its first board meeting for the year. Exciting changes will be happening this year, including the nominations of a new board.

Watch this space.


Recruit Senior finance and admin officer

Beginning of the week of the 17th of January Sista began a two (2) week recruitment process. There were three (3) shortlisted applicants who came in and completed a series of finance assessment tests. We are now down to two (2) final applicants who have done an interview with our Executive Director and Finance & Program Manager.


Team Lunch – Ananda Yoga


On the 17th of January the team visited Ananda Yoga for lunch. It was a delightful and healthy meal prepared by the lovely Tu. Sista is hoping to make this a norm as each team member’s health and wellbeing is key to being able to do the work we do as best we can.