Over 40 resilient women of Launamoa Village on Pele Island smile through their challenges as they fundraise from Monday to Saturday evening towards a new Market House.

Speaking on behalf of the women, Maggie William says while they thank Save the Children for its initial financial assistance towards the project through its cyclone recovery programme, they are determined to proceed with their project by donating Vt50 per woman towards the project every day until Saturday.

“I thank our men folk for cutting and standing up the new posts, posts, and I appeal to them to continue to support the project since it is part of the overall development of Launamoa Village”, she says.

Asked if they have approached their Members of Parliament for help, William says someone has promised to do that but they are not going to wait for an answer because the project has been staring their leaders in the face for the last 38 years and it is time for the women to take the lead in the project.

“We know that we cannot continue to wait for someone to come to help us, we have to help ourselves as far as we can go”, she says.

“Definitely we would appreciate any assistance that is offered by any donor partner or institution or individual towards our Market House Project”.

The location of the village has placed it at an advantage over other villages because it enjoys a nonstop breeze which is not too strong and not to soft but is sufficient to fan all fatigue from all workaholics as well as politicians and public servants who are at the brink of exhaustion from feeding from their fat wallets on NCD recipes.

Launamoa is also popular for both US Peace Corps Volunteers who enjoy the stability, peace and respect shown by the villagers, as well as world travel tourists who long to turn their backs on television, newspaper or radio.

Senior personnel from Government Departments and Ministries are amazed at the natural beauty of the village and its ability to cater for their meetings.

The Chiefs Council of Launamoa is understood to be looking at the possibility of seeking funding for a conference facility along the seafront to fill the gap for Government or Opposition to hold their meetings away from the eyes and ears of their ‘spies’.

There is only one way to get to Launamoa Village and that is by water taxi. It takes approximately twenty to thirty minutes from Emua Wharf on the Efate Ring Road to the North of the Island.