Source: Vanuatu Daily Post; Photo by: Julia Charley


The 3-day Vanuatu Made 2022 event kicked off on Thursday with over 40 vendors of locally made diverse products.

Additionally, over 10 vendors have taken advantage of the event in registering themselves on e-commerce platforms.

The 4th Edition of the Vanuatu Made Market event themed, “Beyond the pandemic: Promoting our Vanuatu Made brand through ICT” brought together over 40 vendors throughout Vanuatu to showcase and promote their products to customers, as well as provide vendors with more information on e-commerce.

Tousong&Co Aelan creations is a family owned business that is under the Vanuatu made brand and has been attending the Vanuatu Made market day events for years.

“We create bags, laundry baskets, light covers, mirrors, Christmas Trees and other woven products from coconut leaves, pandanus, wild cane and ‘Burau’,” said a weaver from Aelan creations, Dolcy Kalsong.

“The initiative to have a market day helps so many local vendors as it gives us a place to showcase our products, their quality and variety as well as promote them.”

Vanuatu Bijouterie was also among the vendors present at the event, taking the opportunity to showcase all its products made from valuable stones purchased from different islands throughout Vanuatu and manufactured into fine Jewelry.

“Our products are made from locally sourced material, Vanuatu Bijouterie has been under the Vanuatu Made brand since the trademark was established. Events like this provide great support for local businesses,” said a retail officer of Vanuatu Bijouterie, Lydia Batick.

Sales and Marketing officer of Lapita, Pierra Lingson, stated that Lapita often wins first place awards for display and quality and value of products.

“Lapita has six different variety of goods here from sauces, cookies, manioc flour, dried products, nuts and we see a big demand for our good apparent in the traffic the Lapita exhibit is receiving,” she said.

Mama’s Laef representatives, Lillie Lani and Maryse Kalsrap, shared that the event also allowed them the opportunity to see what local products are on the market and opportunities for marketing.

“We have seen an increase in buying local in the last seven years that we have been in business. Events like this contribute to that by allowing us to showcase our products.”

Vendors from all over the country have come to participate in the market day event and given the opportunity to learn and register for e-commerce platforms.

As mentioned earlier, over 10 vendors have seized the opportunity to register on the Salem Nomo and Maua platforms, said Vanuatu Made Project officer, Tony Tamata.