The Department of Finance and Treasury (DoFT) is bidding farewell to a valued member of its team, Mrs. Winnie Malas, who will retire on January 3, 2024, after nearly three decades of dedicated service.

Mrs. Malas began her journey with the DoFT in 1994 as the payroll officer and later assumed the role of Payroll Supervisor in 2002. Throughout her tenure, she efficiently managed the salaries of around 9,000 government employees, ensuring smooth and timely payroll transactions.

Mrs. Malas is part of a group of committed officers who joined DoFT in the early ’90s, directly from the Vanuatu Institute of Technology.

The department recognises the contributions of these longstanding staff members, including former Director Dorothy Ericson, Noeline Thomas (retiree), Taura Sisi, Lucy Simon, Ersie Albert, Lorna Jacobe (retiree), and Leilapa Toro.

In her capacity as Payroll Supervisor, Mrs. Malas played an important role in overseeing the Payroll function. This involved conducting final checks and supervising changes to salaries or additional allowances for government employees.

Despite facing challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic, cyclones, and government e-network disruptions, Mrs. Malas and her Payroll team ensured that salaries were consistently delivered on time without any delays.

The DoFT commends Mrs. Malas for her commitment during peak seasons, including changes in governments and responsibilities related to elections.

Her diligence and dedication were instrumental in guaranteeing that payroll entitlements for government employees were always settled promptly.

Throughout her years with DoFT, Mrs. Malas actively contributed to the evolution of procedures within the payroll system. Such developments include the introduction of the Salary Authorization Form (SAF) and the handling of lending functions where the department manages deductions for employees on behalf of lenders.

The Payroll team, under Mrs. Malas’ supervision, also implemented changes in respective entitlements phased out by the Public Service Commission (PSC). Mrs. Malas also played a key role in verifying severance entitlements from line agencies.

DoFT recognises Mrs. Malas as an important figure who was actively involved in the transition from manual book keeping (early nineties) to ANZIO (1994-2000) and to the streamlined smart-stream system introduced in the year 2000.

These transitions marked a significant improvement in the efficiency and convenience of salary distribution for government employees.

The department expresses its gratitude to Mrs. Malas, her husband and immediate families for her exceptional commitment, dedication, and invaluable contributions to the department.

As she embarks on the next chapter of her life, DoFT acknowledges her as a humble and faithful servant, wishing her the very best in all her future endeavors. Mrs. Malas will surely be missed at the heart of the Department of Finance and Treasury.