“The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday.”

Born and bred in Port Vila, Miki makes the most of small town, island living by using the Internet and technology to broaden her horizon and her skills. Content manager of 1Nomo, a TV channel, and owner of a start up productions company, Miki also writes and produces her own music. Constantly creating and challenging herself to be a better version of herself, Miki runs her own race and sees herself as a work in progress. “I am open to learning and improving myself constantly. By doing so, I can easily say that I like who I am and I enjoy how life is working out for me.”

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Name :


Age :


Where are you from ?

I was born in Port Vila and consider myself a Ni-Van. Mi gel SHEFA, yu jikim mi bak agen!? *Laughs* Can I say that? I speak English, Bislama and sign language in both languages.


Occupation :

I am the Content Manager and Editor of 1Nomo, a local TV channel, and the owner/CEO of a start-up media company ‘Traem Nomo’ Productions. I am also a sign language teacher. I used to be a music teacher but I recently stopped teaching music to focus on other pursuits.

Tell us about your family:

My family is in Vanuatu and across the globe. My parents like dogs and own a lot of them, while I love cats and own two, they are called Wasabi and Djobi. *she laughs and starts rambling about how smart and cute they both are, then apologizes for going off track*


What do you do in your spare time ?

Um… I guess like to teach myself new skills, so whenever I have free time I’m on Youtube watching videos and learning all the things that I don’t already know how to do. It’s honestly quite satisfying to be able to pick up a new talent and apply it my work. I like to write songs, produce music, dabble in graphic arts and play video games. I think I use my time wisely and I enjoy being busy. I can’t see myself sitting still, I’ll always be working, learning or creating something new and I like it that way.


What do you aspire to do in the future ? :

I like living in the present and going with the flow. Why should I be worried about tomorrow when I can focus on my current actions, which will determine my present and future? If I don’t live in the moment what’s the point in trying to live for the future? I don’t have high expectations of what the future will bring. I find that when you expect too much, you get disappointed easily, so I just try to live in the moment and make the most of what I have.


How would you describe your style ?

*Laughs* Umm…. I think my style can be described, as being a “feminine dude” – like that’s the best explanation I have! I’ve never been asked to describe my style before so that’s all I can think of when trying to explain my choice of clothing *looks at herself and laughs * I just look at clothes and think “how can I make that me!?” and it works out because I like the way I look in the outfit I put together.

Who influences your style ?

Myself – I do not look to anyone.


Where do you buy your clothes from ?

When I’m online shopping or in Australia I head straight to three shops to buy my clothes and shoes – Culture Kings, Glue and Footlocker. I also got to Universal Store, General Pants and other urban street wear shops.

In Vila, I shop at Fung Kuei and the second hand shops I like to buy my clothes from are Stanley Imports, JCK and Stret Price. Not only those shops but some Chinese shops too, especially if a particular shirt catches my eye. I like wearing whatever is comfortable and colorful.


What beauty products do you use?

For perfume I use YSL ,Gucci and Verace. I use basic makeup and apply it in the following order – moisturizer, foundation, concealer, translucent powder, contour, mascara, eyeliner, eyebrow gel and highlight.

I use the foundation before applying the concealer, even though that’s not how you’re meant to apply it. But I find that when I put the concealer on first and foundation later it doesn’t stay on. Translucent powder works by evening out your skin tone and it works really well on every skin type, I recommend buying it if you want to even your skin tone.


Any advice ?

I look at myself as a work in progress. I am open to learning and improving myself constantly. By doing so, I can easily say that I like who I am and I enjoy how life is working out for me. I find that it’s important to set goals, work hard and stay grounded. It’s important not to get ahead of yourself and let your pride get in the way.

Don’t feel limited by where you are now in life, just keep going and find new ways to overcome a challenge and never let anyone’s opinion stop you from where you want to be or how you want to look.

Hair, makeup and nails: Lotus Day Spa

Photographer: Nicky Kuautonga

Stylist: Adonnai Varahu

This article was originally published in the November edition of the Vanuatu Daily Post Life and Style magazine