A local musician who is concern about saving lives has decided to established a charitable project, to support women in Vanuatu in the fight against breast and cervical cancer.

The hotel entertainer from Malekula, Max Albert,as the founder of Ikkana Charitable Project said the project will be reaching out to remote areas to make awareness on cancer but at the same time, will find women who may be affected and bring them to Port Vila for check-up.

The project will pay for the transport of these women to town and will also offer support through treatment if tested positive, said Albert.

It has already been arranged for them to get screening and counseling from the Vanuatu Family Health Association (VFHA) while staying with families in Port Vila, according to Founder Albert.

“Women in rural areas need more awareness on how to protect themselves against cancer. Most of the times when they find its too late.

“It is worth helping the mothers of Vanuatu get a early check-up or access right services for better chances of treatment before cancer develops.

“Prevention is better than cure”, he stressed.

Albert conveyed that the project is targeting north Ambrym for the first three months then Tongoa, Paama and Epi.

He was speaking to the Daily Post after handing over Vt100, 000 to Ikkana committee members as his contribution to the project.

Women leaders in Port Vila present during the handover acknowledged the organization for realizing the need to help detect cancer among women.

Through their awareness, Albert said they will be encouraging women and girls to take steps to live longer and healthy. READ MORE