Benina grew up in New Zealand and says, “I had different hair compared to all my friends and felt a bit uncomfortable with my own texture of hair but as I got older I learnt to accept it. I know there are girls out there who are not confident with the hair they have and I just want them feel that natural or not natural they are still beautiful!”


My Crown

It all starts with our hair

Is it a fear of having this texture of hair?

The mixture of thickness and curls,

Breaded from a mixed ethnical race that most girls cover up using hair chemical or heat

Which repeats the cycle of insecurities with your natural hair not being embraced?

It all starts within you!

Your hair does not just define the outside look of you

No it defines you!

The inside of you

The past down historical genetics that breeds not just within you

But breathes out of you!

Out of your twisted curls

That blooms out in its natural twirls

Spiraling, and whirling as they frizz up towards the sun light rays.

We are more unique than we think we are. We are creative with our hair.

“Gel ya witem steel wool hair!” However I define it as










Wear what’s been passed down to you

It’s your birth right.

Body and facial features may change from passed down generations

But your hair still remains the same

Express the frizzy kinky curls! Let it roar out like a lion

Scream out with all excitement!

Don’t be frightened

No matter what length! Weather it does or does not fall off your shoulders

Be brightened.

You are your own controller not societies labels or social medias posters.

Let’s accept the complexity of our hair.

Coils, course, fluff or puff

The battle your brush faces that’s so tough and rough.

Let’s take pride in our springy stiff afros,

Let it glow, feel the flow as it grows out into wilderness

Shinning as we become outstanding.

Rise up and let everyone see your true inner beauty

Let it grow out enormously! Let it be your volume.


Take it

Accept it

It’s true

Your hair looks fantastic on you!

“Sista naia yu nomo frown”

Be a queen

Wear your hair

It’s your crown!