Vanuatu Netball Association (VNA) have set plans to help develop the sport and to participate in competitive competitions in the future.

VNA have selected a national squad and team management including two coaches Florence Leo and her assistant from Santo Gretel Saul and manager Miltus Maliu that will be the driving force our national team.

Speaking to the Daily Post VNA former president and current board member Eileen Nganga said their plan was to slot in a team for the 2023 Pacific Games in Solomon Islands.

“We have selected our national squad but we are still looking for players and to look at all talented netball players in the island who have the height and how we select them and see if we can get these players from the islands,” Nganga said.

Nganga admits funding is their main issue.

“Our main issue is funding , we don’t get much funding from Oceania Netball because we want our two coaches two travel out of Port Vila and select best netball players from the islands.

“Now its time to re-organise ourselves and get Vanuatu Netball back there.

“We will need to re-look at new ways on taking different approaches to build netball,” she added.

The previous years highlights were clubs and teams from NSW, Australia coming into the country to compete with our national team and Vanuatu was always represented in Oceania Games even the U21 World Championships.

“ If teams come in and play against our national team will be very helpful, we will continue to find a way.”