Dear Editor,

Women representation in a country depicts a healthy economy growth. Currently, we are seeing women breaking through the ‘glass ceiling’ in politics and organizational bodies, though it is a positive change yet not enough support is given to our women and girls as we see high rates women facing discrimination and domestic violence.

I come from a patrilineal society where men are the heads and are the decision makers, yet I must say that most of these decisions are influenced by the women-many will have opposed to this but that’s a fact.

Thus, for women to take up leadership roles is not something new or different, they have the capacity to look after and manage a home, at village and community levels so participating in decision making has always been part of them, we are living in an era where the world is realizing the worth of our women and we have to accept it.

Nicola Iaruel

This letter was originally written to the editor of the Vanuatu Daily Post