When Sista was first established in 2016, we started as an online magazine. As the years went by, our work expanded beyond information sharing and towards implementation. In 2018, we began our journey as a charitable organization.

We believe that arts, media and communications are powerful platforms to create positive change. Through printed media, social media, radio and TV, Sista creates public awareness and dialogue to address issues that women and girls face. This is anything from access to justice and violence to women’s leadership and economic empowerment.



Our ongoing collaboration with the Vanuatu Daily Post to produce Sista Gat Style every month in the Life and Style magazine has been an opportunity to celebrate the unique beauty of Ni-Vanuatu women and girls. It has also been our strategic way of using fashion as a conduit to make Ni-Vanuatu women and girls visible to the everyday public and to showcase what they are capable of doing.

Women are multi-faceted beings that wear many hats and we want society to begin to recognize their important contribution to society. Whether they are mothers, businesswomen, leaders in their community, sports women (or wear ALL of these hats) – their influence to the community is invaluable.

This year we have celebrated women from all walks of life and all types of body shapes! We hope that young Ni-Vanuatu girls have been inspired by the pictures they have seen and embrace their own beauty, take care of themselves and aspire to do great things in their life. If these women in Sista Gat Style can do it – so can you!

We would like to thank the team at Vanuatu Daily Post for your continuous support and friendship and Nicky Kuautonga, our photographer, who has always brought professionalism and fun to every shoot. Thank you to Body and Soul for dolling up the girls in the past and thank you to Lotus Day Spa and Café for being our new partner in the coming year. Irene Abbock and Adonnai Varahu – thanks for your creativity, commitment and flexibility in putting shoots together.

And a huge thank you to every woman and girl who have featured in Sista Gat Style in 2019. YOU inspire US by being yourself! Thank you. We look forward to honoring more Ni-Vanuatu girls and women in 2020.

This article was originally published in the Vanuatu Daily Post’s January 2020 Life and Style magazine.