Line Caroline.






I work at a clothes shop.


Where are you from?



How would you describe your style?

I try to experiment with my look. I like wearing dresses but today I’m trying something different.


Where do you buy your clothes from?

I buy most of my clothes from the shop that I work at, Stret Price. The good thing about working there is that I get to see the new stock first. This whole outfit was from there. My hat was 100vt, my shorts were 700vt and my t-shirt was 600vt.


Who influences your style?

I really like Rihanna. She can pull off any look – she can wear a dress or wear pants, have long hair or short hair, she can do anything and still look good.


What beauty products do you use?

The only thing I use is coconut oil. I never wear makeup and I don’t wear jewellery anymore.


Any fashion advice?

Since I work at a clothes shop, I have noticed that most of the customers are girls. My only advice is that you should try wearing clothes that suit your figure. For example, if you are big, don’t wear tight clothes. Keep on looking until you find something that flatters your body shape.

This article was originally published in the Vanuatu Daily Post’s Life and Style magazine.