All schools in Vanuatu are commencing classes today (Monday, February 13).

According to the 2017 school calendar released by the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET), term one starts today and ends on May 12.

All principals of primary and secondary schools and all teachers should be resuming duties and be present in their respective schools.

Holidays are over and students and teachers will be adjusting themselves to being back in the classroom. Children attending school for the first time will have different expressions; some will cry while others will feel nervous or happy. Some children coming from remote areas are starting classes today thanks to their hardworking parents who, over the long holiday, were busy finding means to raise funds for school fees.

Leading up to the first school week Port Vila experienced congested traffic and a huge crowd of parents hitting stationery shops buying school supplies over the weekend. Some shops like New Look were crowded since last week.

Many schools begun early registration to ensure that they begin classes no later than today as instructed by the MOET.

Term II of 2017 begins on May 29, ending on August 25.

Term III starts from September 11. The school year ends on December.