Women finalists: From left: Glenda Morry 4th place, Serah Whitley 3rd with 10,000vt, Mathilda Willie claiming 2nd place with 15,000vt and Susan Dick claiming the victory with 20,000vt. Photo: Shanty Grin 6 Billiard and Snooker Club.

Shanty Grin 6 Billiard and Snooker Club competition created history at the conclusion of the competition which saw four finalists of the women’s final from Shanty Grin 6 club.

The competition which was held at Manples saw the four teams fought for the top three prizes.

It is history in the making for the club and also for the community for hosting such a big competition that combines over 100 participants and fans witnessed a competitive competition.

The competition consist of three categories, men’s,U16 and the women’s.

Women champion participants coming from different clubs in Port Vila tried their best to compete but couldn’t stop Shanty women’s club who finished in top spot.

Shanty Grin 6 Billiard and Snooker club is a new club to register with the Vanuatu Billiard and Snooker Federations. Although the men’s team couldn’t made it to the finals, but the club claimS their first place in the U16 boys category and the women’s category all four winners goes to Shanty Grin 6 Club.

Blue Alert 21 Jump will be hosting the next competition at their base in Tagabe with dates to be confirmed.