As Vanuatu was about to celebrate the Children’s Day, a bus driver harassed two young female students who were on their way to school on Tuesday morning of this week.

The parent of one of the students alleged that his daughter boarded the bus and told the driver the specific school as her destination.

They alleged the driver bypassed the route to that school, dropped off other passengers, then took other routes. The other female student who were also in the same bus, told the driver the school she was going to. The driver allegedly replied that he will drop her off at Etas or Teouma.

The older female student related to her parent that she was afraid and sensed something was not right and called the driver to stop at about 2 kilometres from the school she was going. It was at this point, the parents related that the students got off the bus. The younger student met her relatives while the older student said she ran a distance of over one mile to the closest family workplace for help.

The parent vowed to bring the matter to the police as their daughter was very scared and this is the first time such an incident has happened to her.

She did not recognize the driver and was too scared to note the vehicle registration number.