Vanuatu is gearing up for its annual celebration of Chiefs Day on Tuesday, March 5, under the theme “Let’s unite to protect and promote the custom resilient spirit of Vanuatu.”

Chiefs Day holds noteworthy cultural and historical importance in Vanuatu, serving as an honoured tradition that pays tribute to the respected chiefs who have played a fundamental role in preserving the nation’s customs and values. It is a time-honoured event that reaffirms the collective commitment to resilience and unity in the face of challenges.

The occasion provides an opportunity to honour the cultural heritage and traditional leadership of Vanuatu, which are deeply rooted in resilience and enduring traditions passed down through generations.

Despite the country’s vulnerability to climate change, the resilience of its people guides them towards sustainable practices aimed at protecting both their cultural heritage and the environment.

At its centre, Chiefs Day is a celebration of community unity, bringing together individuals from diverse backgrounds to honor shared values and traditions. In a world marked by division and discord, the spirit of togetherness demonstrated by Vanuatu serves as an inspiration of hope, inspiring collaboration and cooperation for the greater good.

Education plays a key role in safeguarding Vanuatu’s custom-resilient spirit for future generations. By imparting knowledge of traditional customs, environmental conservation, and cultural heritage, education empowers individuals to become active participants in preserving the spirit of Vanuatu’s identity.

As Vanuatu commemorates Chiefs Day on March 5, the theme serves as a call to action for all citizens to embrace their role as guardians of the nation’s custom-resilient spirit.

Through unity and solidarity, Vanuatu can continue to thrive as a beacon of cultural diversity and resilience in the Pacific region and beyond.

March 5 holds particular significance as the only public holiday recognised by the Condominium Government under joint regulation order Number 78 of 1976. Since the establishment of the Republic of Vanuatu in 1980, citizens have consistently and proudly commemorated this momentous occasion, celebrating the contributions of their chiefs to the community.