The Vanuatu volleyball Federation (VVF) is very honoured to announced that one of its long time referee who helped officiate some of its matches, Serah Toto from PENAMA Province has been selected as an Official to officiate at the Arafura Games, in Darwin Australia from the 26th April to 4th of May 2019.

VVF understands the Arafura Games is a unique, inclusive multi-sport event where all the athletes with a disability compete in the same program as the able-bodied athletes.

In addition, players from around the world compete in the week-long games held every 2 years in Darwin, Northern Territory of Australia.

“I have received a forwarded invitation from a friend regarding the Arafura Games applications for any interested people in wanting to be part of the game in Darwin to officiate matches, so I fill out the application and submit with highly interest in being part of the Games,” said Serah Toto.

“To tell the truth, I feel very excited because I did not expect for this to happen, because there have been plenty of other big tournaments which had happened in Asia, Korea and other parts of the country that I did not felt like submitting an application to officiate during those past tournaments but as for this event I feel confident in officiating the matches and I am so happy for being accepted to officiate as an Official at the Arafura Games which is a very big honour.”

From VVF’s understanding there will be around 17 sports discipline that will be held at Darwin including Athletics, Basketball, 3×3 Hustle, Badminton, Boxing, Beach volleyball, Football (soccer), Indoor Volleyball, Muaythai, Netball, Sailing, Sepak Takraw, Squash, Swimming, Table Tennis, Tennis, Weightlifting.

Mrs Toto said is glad to have officiated some of the National Games in Vanuatu especially Indoor Volleyball matches but she never had the experience in officiating Indoor matches in another country.

“I have the experience in officiating Beach volleyball when I participated in the Oceania Tournament and the Pacific Games but in Officiating an Indoor match outside my home country, it would be my first and I am looking forward to the experience and the game,” she said.

“Volleyball is my hobby, I love playing volleyball and I like to learn more about volleyball it’s not just about playing, coaching, officiating and I know that the competition will be tough, and my judgment that I will be making will have to be transparent, fair and strongly made following the regulations of the match, which we will be going through its training but other than that I know that i can handle any match I am assigned to officiate.”