Have you ever met someone who stood out simply because of her nail polish? She could be wearing a simple shirt and pair of shorts, but the fact that she’s wearing a funky polish makes all the difference. When a girl puts in the effort to maintain her nails, it makes her seem as if she’s a person who values herself.

It is also an opportunity for her to express herself. Think about it. What are your impressions of someone who’s wearing black nail polish? How about if she was wearing a baby pink or bright blue? What comes to mind when you see the color yellow? What do you associate it with? Nail polish is just like lipstick – it adds a bit of va-va-voom in your life and makes every girl feel awesome.


Where can I buy nail polish in Port Vila?

Depending on your budget, there are several places in downtown Port Vila where you can buy nail polish. Prouds stocks the internationally recognized brand O.P.I, starting from 1600vt a bottle. It comes in a range of colors and is renowned for being high quality and long lasting.

The Drugstore Pharmacy next to Tropicool retail store offers a range of brands at affordable prices including BPS and Revlon. Ranging from 400vt – 2500vt, you can get individual bottles, a pack of six different colored bottles, nail art, crackled nail polish or a set of nail polish with matching lip gloss. These are awesome gifts that every girl will love receiving.

If your budget is on the low end of the spectrum, Chinese shops such as New Look or the one close to ANZ bank sell funky nail polish bottles as low as 60vt. They offer a great range of colors and the quality isn’t too bad either.


The basic tools that every girl needs in her nail kit,

How do I apply nail polish? 

Trim and file your nails. Make sure you move the file in one direction as moving it back and forth can cause your nails to splinter.

Clean your nails. Make sure there is no leftover nail polish, dirt or moisture. Before applying nail polish, make sure your nails are dry.


Apply a clear base coat. This ensures that your nails are protected and won’t stain with color. It will also make the nail polish last longer.

Choose your color. Apply a stroke in the middle of your nail, then two on either side.

Let the polish dry before applying a second coat.

After it dries, apply a top clear coat to protect the color from chipping.

If you’re in a hurry, run your nails through icy water.

Now go out and work it sista!