A 36-year-old mother has died, after she ‘fell’ from a yellow bus on the road at Etas Road on Saturday.

Police have confirmed the deceased is Sylvie Sam of Tanna.

They told Daily Post that her body is at the morgue and added that an application will be filed to the coroner today for an autopsy, because a court proceeding is likely.

They said nobody has been charged yet over the incident but confirmed they have received a formal report yesterday from the victim’s relatives.

Police have refuted allegations that Ms Sam was hit by another vehicle that was coming behind them and said the matter is still pending investigation.

The victim was reportedly partying out with her friends and after leaving the nightclub in the early hours of Saturday morning, decided to go for a swim at Eratap.

Police said the bus was on the highway towards the Etas road when Ms Sam jumped out from the bus, rolling to the nearby grasses where she sustained minor bruises on her body, but there might have been internal injuries from the impact which could have contributed to her death.

They said she was rushed to the Vila Central Hospital but it was too late.

They alleged the late Sam was spotted at Club 21 on Friday night and she was reportedly drinking with two other men from Malekula; one of them was her boyfriend.

Police said sources reported that she had an argument with her boyfriend over past relationships, and he allegedly assaulted her.

They alleged that after exiting Planet 107 early on Saturday morning, the couple and their male friend stopped another bus and asked the driver to drop them off at Eratap.

Police said the bus pulled over at Korman ‘Au Bon Marche’ and the couple bought some chicken wings.

They said while the bus was heading to Eratap at the turn before the Etas road, the couple were reportedly still having some disagreements and that was when the late Sam opened the passenger door and ‘fell’ on the side of the road.

The late Sam is well known on the cruise ships, as she completed 17 contracts with South Sea Shipping.

South Sea Shipping have conveyed their condolences on their Facebook page: “Our sincere and heartfelt condolences go out to all the friends, family and colleagues for our beautiful crew member Sylvie Sam who has just passed away a few hours ago today. She had completed 17 contracts on the P&O ships. Made friends worldwide. Touched so many peoples live with her bubbly personality and stunning smile. May you rest in peace beautiful girl. You will be greatly missed”.

The late Sam disembarked from the ‘Dawn Princess’ on December 9, 2017 — less than a month ago.

She was born on May 29, 1981 and has a daughter.

Police have appealed to the family of the deceased not to take the law into their hands but to cooperate with the police and wait for the results of the autopsy and investigation.