Head coach of the national women’s team, Robert Yalou expressd disappointment that the team’s 0-1- loss against Samoa yesterday at the Olympic Qualifier Tournament is a result of no proper women’s league.

Vanuatu needs to establish stronger Member Associations (MA)and proper leagues, he stressed. He wants to see that the Vanuatu Football Federation (VFF), all MAs and everyone work together to ensure this happen.

He made these remarks when responding to yesterday’s result.

“It’s not a surprise that the girls lost, seeing that the opponents, though originated from Samoa, are no longer the team Samoa or team Tonga that were used to be known as weak. They have become powerful with better tactics and skilled techniques that one can only find from well-organized leagues,” he said.

“So, to have a better developed squad that could compete against these tough teams, Vanuatu has to have a competitive mindset and motivation that could keep them going, and for that to happen, stronger MA’s and proper leagues have to be established.”

Coach Yalou further explained that the opponents have been affiliated in very strong teams across the Pacific region in New Zealand, Australia and even three from the United States of America.

The match showcased a tightly contested battle between the two teams, with both sides delivering an equally challenging performance.

The first half of the game concluded with a deadlock, as neither team managed to break through the opposition’s defence, leaving the score level at nil – all after 45 minutes of intense play. Fans eagerly awaited the second half, hoping for some decisive moments.

Yalou determined the two teams as unmatched.

As the action resumed, both Vanuatu and Samoa continued to create goal-scoring opportunities, maintaining the suspense for spectators.

However, the scoreboard remained untouched until a crucial turning point occurred. In an unfortunate turn of events for Vanuatu, their defenders committed a foul on a Samoa player within the penalty area, prompting the referee to award a penalty kick to the home team.

With the weight of the game on their shoulders, Samoa confidently converted the penalty, taking a crucial lead.

Despite Vanuatu’s efforts to mount a comeback, the clock ran out, and the final whistle blew, sealing the fate of the match.

Though the team lost, Coach Yalou was proud of his team for putting on their best in the field.

Vanuatu will play Tonga at 11am (Vanuatu Time) on Saturday. New Zealand will play Samoa in the second Group B match at 3pm.