On Friday 4 August 2023, Sista through the We Rise Coalition, supported @melanesian_women_today in facilitating a Young Leaders Workshop!

The workshop provided a platform for young leaders to explore the different types of leadership, what leadership style best suits them in the spaces they are currently in, while also exploring the roles, voices, and experiences of women in shaping a collective future

The participants delved into 4 key questions, engaging in discussions to deepen their understanding of gender dynamics and promote equality and inclusivity in Melanesian societies:

  • How do you define the role of youth and women in your own culture?
  •  Is there sufficient space in your culture for youth and women to express themselves?
  • To what extent is the voice of youth and women heard within their communities?
  • How does mental health impact the role of youth and women in your community?

It was awesome to see all the participants, who are leaders in their own spaces, generate these discussions.

A big tankio tumas to everyone who attended this workshop! We hope you left feeling inspired and eager to continue your leadership journey. #YoungLeadersVanuatu #EmpoweringYoungLeaders

Check out some of the pictures from the workshop below: