A 14-year-old boy who was convicted of having sexual intercourse without consent and threatening to kill has been given a sentence of two years and nine months, but suspended for three years.

Additionally, the young offender was ordered to undergo two years of supervision to assist him not to reoffend.

Supreme Court Judge, Justice Gus Andree Wiltens said in his view, the boy is too young to be compelled to also complete community service.

The facts are that in 2019 on Pentecost, an 8-year-old girl was picking nakavika fruit with a friend. The friend was called to go home, leaving the victim alone.

The young offender exposed his private part to the young victim before having sex with her.

Subsequently, he threatened to kill the young girl if she told anyone about what he had done.

Justice Wiltens said the aggravating factors include; the extreme youth and immaturity of the young girl; the breach of trust as she calls him uncle; the additional indignities the girl suffered; the threats to not tell anyone and the physical and mental effects on the young girl.

There are no mitigating aspect to this offending.

The court is informed that the 14-year-old offender has had little education. He relies on his parents and has no previous convictions.

There is a reduction of the sentence by 30 months. That is an exceptional discount, given his age and his lack of previous offending. That discount also considered Vanuatu’s signatory to International Conventions protecting the very young in the communities.