On Christmas Day, December 25, 2023, Vila Central Hospital (VCH) welcomed the arrival of five newborns.

And as the world celebrated to herald the New Year on January 1, 2024, the Maternity Ward witnessed the joyous birth of eleven more infants.

The midwife overseeing the Maternity Ward at VCH, Annie Margaret Serel provided insights into these special deliveries.

Reflecting on the Christmas births, Mrs. Serel reassured the community that all five deliveries on that festive day proceeded smoothly, without the need for any surgical interventions on the part of the mothers.

There were no reported complications, and the infants made their entrance into the world in a healthy manner.

However, the transition to the New Year brought forth a mix of experiences. Out of the 11births on January 1, 2024, two involved emergency Caesarean sections (C-sections), indicating a need for surgical intervention to ensure the safety of both mother and child.

Mrs. Serel explained that these procedures were crucial in specific cases where conventional delivery methods posed risks to the well-being of either the mother or the baby.

Adding further details, she shared the challenges faced by two mothers who encountered difficulties in reaching the hospital on time. These mothers, facing transportation obstacles, ended up delivering their babies before arriving at the medical facility. On a positive note, seven other mothers successfully navigated these challenges, reaching the hospital promptly to deliver their babies safely.

Mrs. Serel compared the recent statistics with those of the preceding year. She disclosed that unlike January 1, 2023, which marked a day without any recorded births, this year’s New Year’s Day saw a significant increase in deliveries. In 2022, there were ten newborns delivered on the first day of January. This shift in numbers indicates a change in the birthing trends, signifying a higher rate of births in the current year compared to previous ones.

The midwife said that these comparative figures highlight a substantial shift in the frequency of births, indicating an upward trend in the number of babies born in the current year. In consideration of this data, it is likely that the birth rate on December 25, 2024, and January 1, 2025, is likely to witness a further increase.

Overall, the Maternity Ward at VCH celebrated the arrival of 16 newborns during the festive season, spreading joy and hope among families.

The dedicated efforts of healthcare professionals, coupled with the resilience of mothers facing challenges, contributed to the successful and joyous welcoming of these precious additions to the world.