The Presbyterian Church of
Vanuatu (PCV) has embarked on the initiative to address the issue of gender through Biblical approach.

A workshop has been conducted recently through support from the Uniting World Program brought together pastors, church leaders, PWMU leaders and principals of PCV’s Bible schools with plans to include the biblical approach to gender-related issues in their syllables.

“Gender refers to the roles, behaviour, activities and attributes that a particular society considers appropriate for men and women.

“It refers to the social attributes and opportunities associated with being male or female, the relationships between women and men and girls and boys, as well as the relations among women and those among men.

“The distinct roles and behaviour may give rise to gender inequalities, that is differences between men and women that systematically favour one group.”

Elder Johnny Albert, PCV’s Christian Education Director said the issue of gender is addressed by different organisations and groups with different perspectives to it.

He said PCV is also considering this issue, but in another aspect and that is addressing it through the Word of God. The church also has plans to do away with the word ‘gender’ and use human relationship or human responsibility instead. “This is simply because whenever the word gender is said, people’s minds would be set on it as just another women issue,” he explained. READ MORE