VCCI’s Project Coordinator Katrina Sali with Leadership Committee Members Alice Athy and Yasmine Bjornum making final selection on the chosen business clients.

The new Phoenix Project delivered by Vanuatu Chamber of Commerce (VCCI) and Vanuatu Business Resilience Council (VBRC) focuses on accelerating economic recovery by providing targeted support to local women business owners who in turn will lead the recovery of their communities.

What’s unique about this project is that it’s both focused on business skills and leadership.

The participating women business owners will be given the support to endure the current period of economic downturn and targeted business skills to strengthen their business in the capital city of Port Vila.

The project will deliver a mix of life coaching sessions, business skills training and network development programs, and then when clients have developed an appropriate business plan will provide cash grants that are to be invested in the businesses’ development.

As part of this project, the newly formed leadership committee will design a program that fosters the womens’ leadership capacity.

This committee includes Jennifer Kalpokas Doan (Balance of Power), Alice Athy (Private Business Owner) and Yasmine Bjornum (Sista Charitable Association) and they are supported by Katrina Sali, the Project Co-ordinator.

The project team have finalised the selection process this week and will be welcoming the chosen 10 women business owners into the project next week.

This project was made possible by the generous funding support of the UN Women’s Peace and Humanitarian Fund and is a COVID-19 response program. VCCI’s grant was selected from the global bid process and is the first grant of this nature awarded to Vanuatu.

All business owners with valid business licenses are automatically members of the Vanuatu Chamber of Commerce and Industry. We encourage businesses to sign up for newsletters and keep in touch on and the Facebook page.