The Peace Corps Gender and
Development Committee hosted its annual Camp Girls Leading Our World/Boys in Leadership Development (GLOW/BILD) at the Ebenezer School in South Santo from May 6 to May 11.

The Camp focused on training pairs of Peace Corps Volunteers and counterparts along with local community members in a variety of activities that they can take back to their respective villages and replicate for the youths in their communities.

Camp GLOW/BILD consists of a jam-packed, week-long schedule that starts with leadership and life skills and slowly transitions to adolescent reproductive health and sexual rights and responsibilities.

The Gender and Development Committee (GAD) created a manual with a variety of activities and awareness in Bislama that can be adjusted by the camp members to fit their community audience. Whether the target audience is a group of mamas or some yungfala men, there is something to be gained by everyone.

Camp members left Ebenezer with hands on experience in running many of these activities, especially on Friday when a “Smol Kamp” was hosted, where Ebenezer children and youth came for the day so that camp members got the opportunity to practice what they had been learning all week.

The week ended with a night of skits before everyone departed back to their villages. This year 15 Peace Corps Volunteers, 8 counterparts and 13 community members participated. The Gender and Development Committee intends to reach over 1,000 in Vanuatu youth by May 2020 in activities, awareness and even after school clubs. Progress updates for GAD activity can be found on the Peace Corps Gender and Development Facebook page, as well as instagram and the committee can be contacted at