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One look at Andrea Toka’s smile and you can tell she is the real deal – a genuine, happy-go-lucky island girl who loves her family and is focused on her studies. We celebrated this Vanuatu sweetheart at Le Lagoon Resort and although it took a while for her to come out of her shell, when she finally did, her potential to shine was limitless.



Andrea Toka



Where are you from?

I am from Ambae. Well, my father is from Ambae and my mother is from Ambae but she is also part Tongoa. I have five siblings. In total there are three girls and three boys in the family and I am the second eldest. We are quite a big family but that’s what makes it more fun because the house is always noisy and there is always someone to annoy haha.


What do you aspire to do in the future?

I would like to complete my studies and further my career in Public Relations. After that, I’ll see how I can build my future from there. Ideally I would like to start any small business that would help my family or have a business that will give back to help my community and people in Vanuatu.


What do you like to do in your spare time?

I’m either on my phone, listening to music, hanging out with my friends, spending time with my family or eating of course haha.

Mostly I am just at home babysitting my younger siblings and baking chocolate cakes since I’m madly in love with chocolates haha. I like to bake and cook.

I also like to play sports. I’ve been playing netball and basketball since I was in primary school and I continue to play now.


What do you study?

I am currently studying Media and Journalism at VIT (Vanuatu Institute of Technology). I am in my first year and there are two years left to complete my course. I can’t wait to finish and see what the future holds.

How would you describe your style?

To be honest, I don’t know how to describe my style. What I wear depends on the weather and I like it bright, plain and simple. I’m either in skinny jeans with T-shirts, shorts and T-shirts or a top if it’s really hot. I hardly wear dresses, it’s mostly a one off for special occasions.

I like fashion because the way a person dresses says alot about him or her as a person. I wonder what mood they’re in and it makes me curious to know who they are, hehe.


Where do you buy your clothes from?

I mostly buy my clothes from the secondhand shops such as JCK, STANLEY IMPORTS, STRET PRICE. Every time I come across a second hand shop, I want to try on some clothes. I just feel like I want to explore something different and see how it looks on me and if I’m comfortable with that style.


Who influences your style?

I guess it’s my younger sister and brother haha, it’s the “t-shirts and shorts look all day every day”. They are both pretty straight forward about what I look good in or not and I pick whatever suits me for the day or occasion but nothing fancy.


What beauty products do you use?

The only beauty products I use would be eyeliner and mascara. Even then, I only occasionally wear make up and mostly if it’s for a special event.


Any fashion advice?

Wear what makes you comfortable and defines who you are as a person. Don’t try to fit in with the crowd and be someone you are not. Whether it is bright colours or dull colours, it’s your choice, just wear it with pride, be happy and celebrate the person you are.

Photography: Nicky Kuautonga

Hair, makeup and nails: Body and Soul

Assistant stylists: Patricia Rakau and Gilbert Mermer

This article was originally published in the October edition of the Vanuatu Daily Post’s Life and Style magazine.


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