This poem is by Benina Nicolina Rangvanu



To wear makeup

or not to wear makeup?

To wake up

and put those strong chemicals in my hair

to have that sun silk asian hair.

“Awo sista yu tuff wetem hair extension”

Natural or not natural

girl you’re still beautiful I swear.

As for society’s eurocentric standards

to have that nice smooth hair

is that really what defines ‘true beauty’ out there?

“Omgshh what outfit to wear?”

Wait, should I care if people will stare?

The expensive prices on those tags

to pretend for the trend like it’s nothing

but deep down you’re suffering.

Be proud and unique in your own taste of fashion

otherwise it will be puzzling to find yourself

in someone else’s passion

I am bold.

The layers of foundation to perfect

and touch up the beauty

of our natural creation.

Our flaws and our contour above our jaw,

the ray of highlights shimmering on our face,

don’t be afraid

don’t feel like you’re a disgrace

because you’re putting on makeup

you have the right to embrace yourself

don’t be shy

let loose

wear that dress

that shows your figure and curves

that you have been blessed with.

No need for stress

you are beautiful

even though haters are cruel

just ignore

slam the door and let them say no more

I am bold.

It doesn’t matter the different shades of skin tone

The textures of your hair

The shape and size of your body

The many likes on your pictures

You shouldn’t have to care nor compare yourself to another

because our beauty is what’s passed down from our mother.

Express yourself with confidence

Your body and beauty is not for others to be impressed

It’s about you being proud with what you have been blessed

And that is bold

Self love is more valuable than any gold

I am bold

I am bold

I am bold

Benina is 19 years old and was inspired to write this poem after a personal experience