Fondation Suzanne Bastien Gallery situated on Pango Road will be opening Exhibition “Sik Plastik Long Solwota 2017” on Wednesday 11th of October at 5pm.

Now in its second year, the exhibition is a creative and informative artist/community response to addressing the critical impact of waste (particularly plastics) contributing to the pollution of our oceans and waterways.


The Fondation began the search via a call out inviting artists, the community and organizations to produce artworks and educational content based on Sik Plastik Long Solwota’s aims to:

  • change how the community as consumers look at waste
  • inspire creativity through reuse and recycling
  • expose the fact that materials that are used once then discarded as ‘waste’ are a major cause of ocean pollution leading to dire consequences to marine life and the earth’s oceans.


“Sik Plastik Long Solwota” is in line with the gallery’s commitment for the property to exist as a place for art and to advocate for our environment. By further raising awareness about this monster we as a society have created through convenience and ignorance, Fondation Suzanne Bastien is hopeful this combination of art, fact and action can educate, inspire and be a catalyst for  positive environmental change.

Last year’s exhibition featured artwork from a diverse group contributing artists, schools and community groups uniting together to highlight this critical environmental issue. This year will see the return of artists/groups such as Solwota Sista and Peter Carroll with new contributions from communities at Eton, Honeymoon beach, Pango and more.


Opening evening will coincide with the Fondation’s monthly fundraising event and will feature art, film, kakae, kava and drinks. Entry is free and everyone is welcome.

Additionally, visitors to opening night are welcome to participate by getting creative and coming along dressed in a wearable plastic artwork. (optional)

Sik Plastik Long Solwota exhibition closes November 1.

Further and more current info on opening night can be found on Facebook: Fondation Suzanne Bastien or phone: 24991