This year marks a history in Vanuatu Education policy of implementing “Inclusive Education” and Fresh Water Bilingual School as model successfully implemented this initiative that includes children with disability.

The policy initiative by the Vanuatu Government through the Ministry of Education is not only the first time to adopt and implemented the policy initiative, but has also proved successful, when the first students from the Fresh Water School “Inclusive Education” ended their school year yesterday marking yet another milestone in the education advancement in Vanuatu.

A female teacher specializing in “Inclusive Education”, Janet Bong, was almost in tears when she stood on the platform along with Fresh Water School Principal Manses Kalo, Ministry of Education Officials, church leaders, Community notables, Government officials and school teachers, parent and guardians, witnessed the students who have completed “Inclusive Education” along with many others from the Fresh Water Kindergarten that will move on to class 1 at primary level in 2017, paraded out of their kindergarten classrooms to the grandstand frontage and took their seats for their graduation ceremony.

It was a moving moment for everyone present yesterday morning through to lunchtime.

In her remarks the first ever teacher in Inclusive Education Janet Bong, explained what “Inclusive Education” is an organized system within Kindergarten Classes where you cater for both boys and girls with disability or without disability, mixing and learning in the same classrooms and environment.

And regardless of background they are all regarded as the same. READ MORE