Handicrafts is worth Vt1
billion, according to TVET research when it is promoted as a business and provides market quality supplies on demand consistently to the tourism industry.

A contract for a Handicraft Business Development Programme was signed between the Director General of the Ministry of Tourism, Trade, Industry, Commerce and ni Vanuatu Business, Marokon Alilee and Pandanus Consulting outside the Department of Tourism Development last Friday.

The DG said, “The Department of Industry in conjunction with the Department of Tourism through the NZAid funded Vanuatu Strategic Tourism Action Plan (VSTAP), has contracted Pandanus Consulting Ltd to work as a specialist technical adviser with the Department of Industry Officer, to produce a Handicrafts Industry Action Plan”.

The DG believes this will direct and guide Government, donor groups and relevant industry stakeholders to develop and promote a sustainable handicrafts industry.

The main tasks to achieve this will include

• Assist and support the ongoing capacity building of key Department and Industry Officers to complete a detailed handicrafts sector mapping exercise to consult with all the relevant handicraft organisations and stakeholders.

• To coordinate all current and upcoming donor projects in this sector.

• Develop a detailed ‘Made in Vanuatu’ Terms and Reference to defined and categorise products.

• Assist in developing the handicraft supply chain from local provincial producers to retailers.

• Provide business planning support to Trade Facilitation, Associations and Businesses.

• Establish the ‘Made in Vanuatu’ concept retail store.

• Organise a ‘Made in Vanuatu’ tourism communication campaign.

• Monitor and evaluate programme sustainability. READ MORE