For the first time in 36
years since independence, the nurses at the Vila Central hospital (VCH) have new national nursing and medical uniforms, which marked their identification, showing professionalism in their respective specialized areas of duties.

The uniforms also shows that Vanuatu’s nursing profession has now position itself with the regional and world standard of appearance in hospitals in the Republic of Vanuatu.

The launching of the Vila Central Hospital Nurses Uniforms took place at the VCH on Thursday this week.

Officiating at the launch of the uniforms was Doctor Trevor Cullwick, Senior Surgeon Vanuatu and at the same time Manager (Superintendent) of the Vila Central Hospital, Vanuatu Nursing Council Chairman John Tasare, Jacques Honore Maurice, Nursing Services Manager, and Pastor Thompson Ake along with senior medical officers, doctors, nurses and staff in various administrative and operations at the Vila Central Hospital.

In his short remarks as guest speaker, Dr. Trevor Cullwick, told the nurses that in 2004 when he started working at the Vila Central Hospital, he was young and is proud that 12 years on, the nurses now appear in the uniforms they rightly ought to put on to be seen by the public as professionals in their various duties and work places at the VCH.

“I am proud of you all today and I do take good care of every patients that you care for and carry out your duties at all times with a smile,” said Doctor Trevor who took up the position of Chief Surgeon Vanuatu and, VCH Manager (Superintendent) in December 2015.

The Chairman of the Vanuatu Nursing Council, John Tasare, briefly outlined the history of the nursing uniforms at the VCH. He said before independence, the two colonial administrations had two separate hospitals, with their trained staff with different sets of uniforms.

“The French nurses’ uniform was different from that worn by English hospitals that used to be run by the Presbyterian, the Anglican, the SDA, the Churches of Christ and the Catholic Churches.

“And when Vanuatu attained independence in 1980 with the amalgamation of the English and the French ran hospitals, and this hospital became the Vila Central Hospital under the wings of the new Vanuatu Government, still the nurses had two different sets of uniforms and even some donor partners attempted to introduce only one uniform for all nurses, but this still never worked out until today that the nurses now have a true one and only sets of uniforms for the whole country,” said John Tasare.

He called on the nurses to think nursing across the board and always bear in mind that the uniform is an identity that also constantly remind the nurses of standard, competency and professionalism. READ MORE